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Geno's Food Court

Geno's Food Court is a wonderful way to complete your casino experience, enjoy a great meal, reasonably priced. Choices range from traditional favorites to interesting, inventive dishes. From hearty appetizers to tempting desserts, we deliver satisfaction on every level. Whatever you're in the mood for, Geno's can fit the bill.*

The Food Court at Geno's Fast Break comfortably seats 300 guests in an atmosphere of the sport and success of Geno's career. The Food Court offers you a vast selection of reasonably priced entrees and the convenience of getting your meal quickly without compromising taste or quality. The five eateries at the Food Court offer an extensive variety of fare, sure to please everyone in your party. And to top off your meal, our dessert menu is sure to satisfy with irresistible treats.

The Food Court...the perfect way to share a fun, intimate dining experience with family and friends, while you enjoy the excitement of the casino. It's a sure bet!

Free Valet Parking

As a part of Mohegan Sun, Geno's Food Court offers free valet parking, helping you avoid the rain and snow and overall hassle of finding parking. With Mohegan's valet services, you'll be able to enjoy a great and inexpensive dinner at Geno's. It's never been easier to have a stress-free night! Sit back and relax.

*While we do offer Gluten free foods we can't guarantee a Gluten safe environment. This restaurant processes foods that contain Gluten. Please manage your condition, and ask our staff questions regarding our Gluten free menu options.

Sunday-Wednesday: 9:30 AM-11:00 PM
Thursday-Saturday: Open 24 Hours

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